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The INSight - Digital Proof of Insurance is a total package that allows insurance providers to fully digitize the proof of insurance process. 

Your Digital Proof
of Insurance

The future of
Insurance is here

The INSight - Digital Proof of Insurance is a total package that allows insurance providers to fully digitize the proof of insurance process. You can create, edit, send and disable cards manually or automatically. Besides the obvious costs saving, it also enables you to streamline your processes, prevent errors and increase productivity.

User Benefits

Private & Secure

Bank-grade security to protect personal information.

On the Go

Access your insurance documents anytime, anywhere — even offline.


Reduce environmental impact by accessing documents online.

Easy & Free

No user names, no passwords, no hassle. No cost to use.

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We are INSight

INSight aims to be your number one source for all Digital Innovations in the Insurance Industry. We're dedicated to providing you with solutions and services that will increase productivity, with a focus on innovation, sustainability and customer service. We're working to turning our passion for Insurance into disruptive and sustainable solutions that benefits the whole industry.

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Create, edit, send and disable cards manually or automatically

The Digital Proof of Insurance will not only increase the level of efficiency and competitiveness, but it will also end the age-old challenge that most insurance providers have: how to streamline processes while mitigating fraud and gain more control in the distribution and validation of insurance documents.

Main Features


Online Admin Module

Allows you to track and manage every single detail of the cards. You can view reports, track usage, add or remove fields and update the card design.


Distribute Cards to

Your Customers

Through e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp. Your choice. 


Create Digital Cards

Create digital cards in whatever way you want: manually or automatically. 


Integration with your

IT infrastructure 

INSight can be integrated with your system automatically to create bulk processing jobs that create or update cards.

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Our Clients 

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​​Are you a consumer?

Request Your Digital Proof of Insurance here.

Tired of having to go to your insurance providers to pick up your proof of insurance?

Apply here for the digital version that can easily be downloaded and stored in your wallet! We'll contact your insurance provider to arrange the steps. This service is free of charge of course. 

Thanks for submitting!

Main Features

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